Agriturist is the National Association for rural Tourism, Environment and Territory. It is the first agriculture association in Italy, established by Confagricoltura in 1965 to promote and protect rural tourism, domestic products of regional gastronomy and wine production, the environment (for this reason, in 1987 it obtained the ministerial approval of Environmentalist Association), landscape, the rural cultures.
Currently, some 5,000 agricultural enterprises (ordinary members) are part of Agriturist. These companies are pursuing or intending to carry out farm activities. Agriturist provides them with a regulatory, organizational and promotional support.

An on-line information system spreads real-time news and updates about key aspects of farm management. Agriturist also associates 12,000 rural tourism followers, to whom it distributes Guida nazionale, published annually since 1975.
Agriturist is a confederation of Regional Associations and Provincial Departments. Its national headquarters is in Rome, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele 101, tel. 06.6852337, email, the regional and provincial offices are at territorial offices of Confagricoltura.