Confagricoltura National Union for Pensioners

It protects the material and moral interests of associated retired farmers, farmers in the title and all the pensioners who recognize the scope of the National Union of Confagricoltura. It represents and promotes their interests before the European Union, the State, regions, local organizations. public and private organizations. Special attention is dedicated to problems of a social nature, social security and taxation of pensioners. In order to solve such problems, with specific and personal attention, Confagricoltura has promoted ENAPA and CAAF Pensioners Confagricoltura,

Through regional and provincial organizations and the collaboration of Confagricoltura, regional Federations and provincial trade unions for agriculturalists, It promotes and implements any initiative of study, documentation, negotiation and organization with the aim of obtaining full recognition of pensioners' rights. Since 1978 it has organized an annual pensioners meeting in different resorts. This is an important initiative greatly appreciated by members.

The National Union for pensioners is currently the sole member of CAAF Pensioners Confagricoltura. nationally, it has established, and is part of Cupla, which includes pensioners unions of agriculture, commerce and craftsmanship. In Europe, it coordinates CERA which groups the pensioners and elderly people associations of agricultural organizations associated to COPA and AGE Platform Europe, which brings together European associations of pensioners and the elderly people, and represents them before the European Union. It has set up the “Trees Donors Association - ADDA-ONLUS".

Services to pensioners

The National Union of Pensioners Confagricoltura has established a network of services for retired members and in general for elderly people.
Advanced institutional services in the field of social security and taxation: Patronage and legal assistance, CAAF and tax assistance for IRPEF (personal income tax) IMU (property tax), ISEE (household financial situation index), social benefits from the municipalities.
Services to individuals pensioners’ family members. Over the years we have developed a range of services to meet some specific needs of retired members, such as:
1) the possibility to open a bank account with banks for pension crediting and other bank and insurance services on exclusive terms for our pensioners;
2) agreements with thermal spas to obtain discounts on treatments and holidays;
3) agreements with hotel resorts;
4) agreement with an insurance company for TPL on advantageous terms.

For further information, please contact:
National Union for Pensioners - Confagricoltura
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 101
00186 Rome
Phone: 06.6852212 - 06.68134157 Fax: 06.6852248