Della Valle Family

The Della Valle’s were a very ancient roman family and became notorious in the second half of XV century, when feuds among the most eminent families were still rampant.
The Santacroce’s, Orsini’s allies, were its most implacable enemies, as a consequence the della Valle’s became one of the most precious supporters of the Colonna’s.

For many centuries the della Valle’s lived in Sant’Eustachio quarters, in Rome, where Cardinal Andrea built the well-known Palazzo della Valle (which was addressed to as “Palazzo del Cardinale” or “middle palace”, due to its position between Palazzo di Cantone (on the corner of piazza della Valle) and Palazzo Castellacci (called “Jupiter’s palace”) eastwards along Corso Vittorio. The name of the building was then used to indicate the whole block and the nearby Sant’Andrea and Al teatro churches.
The most notorious member of the family was, undoubtedly, Andrea, born in 1463 from Filippo della Valle. In 1508, when he was already Bishop of Crotone, he was appointed by Julius II, Bishop of Miletus. The decorations found on numerous doors and windows in the building refer to this title. In 1531 he was elected Cardinal, titular of Saint Prisca, by Pope Leo X, who gave him, as Pope Clement VI, important assignments and benefits: he was a mediator in the disputes between Clement VII and the Collonesi’s, and had an important role in the fights between Pope Clement VII and Emperor Charles V. During the Sacco di Roma, in 1527, even though he sided with the emperor, he was forced to leave his palace and pay an expensive ransom. He died on august, 4th, 1534.