LegalMedia is a company registered on the  Registro degli Organismi di Mediazione  (Mediator Registry) (company number 912) with the Italian Ministry of Justice (Legislative decree 28/10 – Ministerial decree 180/10).
LegalMedia offers alternative routes to solve trade and civil disputes, other than legal arguments.
It is an impartial conciliation body which offers its services with the aim of solving conflicts rapidly and effectively, through expertise, professionalism and transparency.
It operates throughout the national territory thanks to expert professionals who belong to different professional fields.

LegalMedia mediators work towards amicable agreements between the different parties of a dispute, in a short time. They take into consideration the specific circumstances of the conflict and assist the parties in order to avoid legal arguments.

When to seek help

Before proceeding legally, it is obligatory to seek mediators’ assistance, when disputes are related to the following areas:
Condominium, in rem, distribution of estate, inheritance, family agreements, leasing, extended loans, company leasing, damage compensation due to vehicles and crafts, damage compensation due to medical responsibility, calumny by press or other means of communication, insurance, bank and financial agreements.

How and where to proceed before LegalMedia

In order to start the procedures of mediation it is necessary to present a request to the legal headquarters of LegalMedia, through formal instance, using the forms attached below. 

Download form:

•    Initial instance form;
•    Initial instance form (with joined signature);

download LegalMedia documents:
•    Regulations;
•    Code of Ethics;
•    Mediation fees chart.