Mutua FIMA

Mutua fima is a non-profit mutual aid society which offers healthcare services in case of illness or casualties in Italy and abroad.

The Advantages offered by Mutua Fima include:

•    Deductibility of fees.
•    Admission to first class clinics and hospitals
•    Protection of the whole family unit
•    Competitive membership fees
•    Freedom to decide annually on your membership.
Its services are not only offered to Confagricoltura associates but also to other citizens. In fact, Mutua Fima,  safeguards collective interests and needs and welfare.
For enquiries and opening hours please contact us:

Mutua Fima
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 101
00186 Rome
Phone: 06/6852289 - 06/6852290 - 06/6852330
Fax.: 06/6852409