Sala Donini

On the right-hand side of Sala de’ Rustici, there is a gallery named after Alberto Donini, one of the founders of Confagricoltura. In the Gallery there is a frieze with cherubs belonging to Raphael’s school. 
The ceiling in Sala Donini is adorned with coffers and golden rosettes in which we find the coat of arms of Andrea della Valle (in gold with two light blue counter-rampant lions, encircled by five red stars in the shape of a tau: gold-headed eagle crowned in black in the field exiting the division ) surmounted by a galero within a fruit and ribbons crown. The beautiful frieze from XVI century, decorated with winged cupids holding fruit and flower festoons, hosts in the middle of the shorter sides the Cardinal coat of arms.

On the left-hand side wall, we can see a marble fireplace whose architrave is adorned with palmettes and winged heads. The capital is decorated with pilaster strips, a coat of arms with three fleurs-de-lis and dancetties.

On the same wall there are the portraits of Confagricolutra Presidents, from its establishment to present times. On the left-hand side of the fireplace there is an historical labarum of the confederation.