Confagricoltura guarantees to its associates the following services (nationally, regionally and provincially):
•    Legal advice;
•    Trade and financial information;
•    Training and technical assistance for company management;
•    Staff management and payrolls;
•    Administration of Pac premiums and processing of paperwork related to the business;
•    Taxation assistance.
Through ENAPA - National Farmers Assistance and Patronage Association - Institute of patronage who settles  farmers' and citizens' matters related to pensions, contribution and industrial injuries.

Through CAF Confagricoltura Pensioners, it carries out tax assistance for employees, pensioners and project contractors all over the country. CAF Confagricoltura Enterprises carries out tax assistance to associated enterprises.

Through CAA - Help Center Agricola - Confagricoltura takes care of activity related to the management of Pac premiums. It operates over the country through  services companies set up by provincial offices.