Internationalization of agricultural enterprises

One of the consequences of the increasing globalization is the internationalization of enterprises.

In other words, enterprises are opening up to wider markets and adapt to the economic ties that are developing between countries and area on the planet.

This process is developing in two different ways:

- companies are increasingly willing to export their products. Consequently, they explore market demands of other countries and not just the national ones;

- the interest of companies to expand their activities abroad increases and is achieved through acquiring existing companies, creating new ones and establishing new alliances and partnerships with foreign companies.

In short, the internationalization of business takes shape thanks to the two processes described above.
In fact, it is an unavoidable and even desirable phenomenon, for both businesses and countries. The intensification of internationalization processes generates a greater interchange between markets: more reciprocal investments and, eventually, increased economic growth.

Confagricoltura is completely devoted to this activity and considers it as one of the priorities in its action line, by creating specific projects to help promote the exportation of Italian agricultural and food products and support farmers who want to make direct investments abroad.

In practice, the Confederation organizes regular meetings between Italian enterprises and foreign buyers; it promotes incoming trade missions which see the participation of importers and foreign companies interested in the purchase of Italian farming enterprises. It also encourages missions of Italian entrepreneurs who are interested in investing abroad and decide to turn to emerging markets and new countries (in which they encounter difficulties entering without any external help) and markets that are already known to them, in order to reinforce the presence of Italian businesses.

Moreover, Confagricoltura:

  • - represents agricultural enterprises in relation to internationalization procedures in all institutional, ministerial and management offices;
  • - informs its members about every kind of activity regarding the internationalization of enterprises, included those activities organized by other organizations and institutions (such as invitations to events and so on).

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