Agribusiness exports – Comparison Italy and EU

Agribusiness exports – Comparison Italy and EU
From the ISMEA report on Italy’s agribusiness competitiveness it emerges that, with a value of 41 billion euros at the end of 2017, Italy broke all its previous records and has reached a share of the EU’s agribusiness exports (almost 525 billion euros) equal to 8%.
Over the past five years, Italian exports in this sector have increased 23%, more than that of the EU (+16%).
The role of Made In Italy in the European primary sector emerges clearly analysing the first five items, for which Italy is the leader and to which it owes 35%-36% of European exports of apples and grapes, 47% of passion fruit, 61% of peeled nuts, 35% of nursery products.
Even with the community exports of transformed food products. Italy plays a leading role: in fact, our country is the leading exporter of pasta and tomato preserves with a quota of almost 65% of the EU’s export value.
With regard to wine and olive oil, Italy drops into second place, showing respectively 27% and 23% of European exports.
Finally, with a share of 13%, Italy is the fourth EU exporter of cheeses and dairy products.
With regard to outlet markets, one notices in particular the competitive success on countries with more dynamic demands like Bulgaria, Latvia and Rumania, with important progresses registered in Ukraine, Brazil and Morocco,
Positive, but less significant, are the increase of the Italian share in Australia, United States, Canada, Argentina and China.
Source: Agra Press