Arab Emirates: biological on the upturn

The demand for biological foods is increasing in the United Arab Emirates thanks to a greater awareness in the consumers.

According to Euromonitor, a market research company, the pre-packed segment had reached 16.3 million dollars in 2013 and prospects for 2018 are for an increase by 30% up to as far as the 21 million dollar mark.

The principal market compartments are: biological foods for children with 43% and sales in 2013 reaching the 7 million dollar mark; followed by sauces and condiments with 35% (5.7 million dollars) and pre-packed biological food (excluding ready to eat food), soups and pastas with 15% (2.5 million).

Lastly the remaining products with 7% of the market (dairy products and, above all, beverages). Figures are not forthcoming on fresh products.

Principal consumers in the EAU are expatriates coming from Western countries, but according to the distribution chain the locals’ consumption is also on the upturn, especially young people with high income and education standards and accustomed to travelling.

Source: ICE Agency in Dubai.