Brazil: decrease in production of cereal

According to a communicati0n from the Brazilian government, this year the country will have a harvest of 228.1 million tons of cereals, legumes and oily seeds, a volume of 5% less than 2017 that reached a record of 240.6 million tons.
With regard to cereals, in 2018 Brazil will have produce less, notwithstanding the fact that the cultivated land mass remain practically the same as 2017 with 61.2 million hectares.
The decrease with respect to last year will be due mainly to the fall in harvest of corn (-15.1%) and rice (-7%).
Countering this, the main product, soya, which should increase by 0.7% compared to last year, therefore reaching the record of 115.8 million tons.
In spite of this decrease, this year’s harvest will overtake both that of 2016 (185.8 million tons) and that of 2015 (209.7 million tons).
As a whole, rice, corn and soya, those most cultivated in Brazil, represent 92.9% of the estimated production and 87% of arable lands.
With respect to last year, land given to the growth of soya has increased by 2.6% and that of corn has decreased by 7.3%, just as rice has decreased by 3.6%.
Source: Efeagro through Agra Press