Brazil: increasing the exportation of beef

According to Abrafrigo, the association representing beef slaughterhouses in Brazil, the country’s beef exports will reach record levels in 2020 with a 10% growth in volume and value.
In 2019 there was a 13% growth in volume in respect to the previous year, with exports at 1.856 million tons, and 16% increase in revenue for a total of 7.575 billion dollars.
According to Abrafrigo, the previous year’s growth is due to higher demands from China. In 2019, the Asian country imported a total of 837,580 tons of Brazilian beef, 120,000 tons more than in 2018, and paid a better price on the international market for the Brazilian product – averaging USD 4,511 per ton, increasing the revenue in the industry to USD 3.77 billion.
The Chinese purchases represented 44.1% in volume of the beef exported from Brazil and 50% of the revenue.
On the list of major importers of Brazilian beef in 2019, Egypt occupies second place, followed by Chile, Arab Emirates and Russia.
Source: ICE Agency