Brexit: The Farmer’s Confederation at the COPA Task Force

Representatives of the European Commission and of the United Kingdom’s government in the EU took part in today’s Task Force meeting established in the ambit of COPA COGECA following the mandate of the Presidium.
Following is the current situation: Impending deadlines.
February 1st              Start of the formalization relative to the departure of the UK from the EU and   
                                   subsequent period of transition.
June 30th                   Feasibility of an agreement regarding an extension relative to the transition
                                   Period (postponement of expiry date).
December 31st           End of transition period.
During the transition period, the UK will remain a State part of the EU holding the same rights and obligations, but will not retain the right to partake in European representations.
In February/March, the EU and the UK will begin negotiations. Both parties will declare their intentions relative to ‘openness’ and ‘friendship’, or rather relative to the avoidance of ‘closures’, although it is not feasible to foresee what the final agreement will in reality consist of until the start of 2021.
The UK’s departure from the EU has been made possible: in conclusion based upon a protocol undersigned by the UK and Northern Ireland. In essence, Northern Ireland will remain a part of the UK, therefore benefitting for example from the commercial agreements between the UK and third parties, but at the same time will remain within the Custom’s Union.