Confagricoltura to EXPO 2015

Confagricoltura will be present at Expo to spread the concept of agriculture as an essential element of the national and international economy.
Confagricoltura will create useful and innovative services to satisfy the Italian companies participating and to consolidate and to develop their activity of internationalization.
During  the world exposition Confagricoltura will offer all companies, which intend to be part of
and to participate in Expo 2015, the opportunity to use the Expo showcase as an occasion to
develop and strengthen their business and their strategic positioning.
Expo 2015 represents an excellent occasion to promote one’s own business and to make commercial contacts with new operators in particular with foreign operators.
Confagricoltura’s activities are articulated in 3 steps as follows:

  • During the period before the Expo by offering various initiatives approaching the event;
  • During the period in which Confagricoltura is physically present at Expo 2015 with all its connected activities;
  • During the positive spin-off which will be handled at the end of Expo 2015.
To take part in Confagricoltura’s initiatives and to learn more about them just fill in the form
available on Confagricoltura’s homepage in the public area dedicated to Expo..me, too!