Egypt: the increase of farming exports

From September 2017 to April 2018, Egyptian agricultural exports registered a growth of 13%, reaching 3.165 million tons against the 2.802 million tons of the same period the previous year.
Egyptian exports to Arab countries reached a share of 1.278 million tons, for an overall value of roughly 680.964 million dollars; those for the European Union and the UK amounted to 645.530 tons, for a value of 421.54 million dollars.
Exports to European countries not in the Euro zone increased to 547.840 million tons for a value of 238.48 million dollars.
Exports to Asian countries were of 296-920 tons for a value of 159.16 million dollars, while those to the Americas and Australia added up to a share of 16.841 tons for an overall value of 21.74 million dollars.
Finally, exports of farming products to African countries reached 16.110 tons for a value of 12.19 million dollars.
Egypt is implementing new laws to control and guarantee the quality of its agricultural exports and has introduced a new system where by the crops are inspected again and again: when still in the fields, following the harvest, and after they have been prepared for export.
Source: Ahramonline through Agra Press