France: the wine sector

France is the world’s number two country for cultivated lands dedicated to vineyards, with 754,470 hectares in production, corresponding to 10,4% of the world’s same, of which 446.588 hectares dedicated to DOC wines (56%) and 68.600 hectares to biological.
It holds second place in the world behind Spain (13.6%) and ahead of Italy (9.1%).
It is also the number two spot at international level for the production of wine, with 44.3 million hectolitres in 2016/17, down on the 47 million hectolitres in 2015/16.
The wine sector in France tops agribusiness exports with 14 million hectolitres, for 8.25 billion euros and a positive commercial balance of 7.58 billion euros.
Furthermore, France is the third country in the world for volume of wine exports, and first for value.
Regarding consumption, the country is first in Europe with 27 million hectolitres in 2016/17, stable respecting 2015/16, of which 22.7 million hectolitres VQPRD and IGP corresponding to 11% of world consumption, ahead of Germany (8,4%) and Italy (9.3%), but behind the USA (13.2%).
Source: ICE Agency