France: Wine Consumption

France holds 2nd place worldwide in the consumption of wines and sparkling white wines, and 1st place at the European level.
In 2018, French wine consumption equalled 26.8 million hectolitres (between 2016 and 2012 – 1% volume – 3.7” value), revealing a slight downturn compared to 2017 (-7%) and the average relative to the last 5 years.
In Italy, simply in comparison, consumption amounts to 22.4 million hectolitres (between 2016 -2012: + 0,9% in volume +4.4% in value) and there is also a 0,9% downturn.
During the last 50 years, French numbers have decreased by more than half and according to INSEE (The national Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) the consumption of wine has decreased steadily since the beginning of the 1960’s: 59 million hectolitres in 1961 to 27 million hectolitres in 2016, with, just a slight but evident rate of downturn and a current average pro-capita consumption of 45.4 litres per year corresponding to 1 glass per person per day.
Source: ICE Agency