Fruit and Vegetables: drop in Italian commercial exchanges

At the end of last December, Fruitimprese published data relative to the first nine months of 2018 of Italian fruit and vegetables foreign commerce.  There is a drop in both exports (-12.2% in quantity, and -3.5% in value) and imports (-1% in quantity and -1.6% in value).  The positive economic balance is roughly 522 million euros (-12.5% with respect to September, 2017) , whereas the negative balance in volume is 62.577 tons.
The organization, therefore, confirms the vitality of the sector and the propensity for exports of its companies, while at the same time sounding the alarm over the growth of imports (62.000 tons more) and the commercial balance that remains positive, with little chance of returning to the levels of 2017 when it exceeded one billion euros.
The Russian embargo is considered mainly responsible for the destabilization of the intra-European fruit and vegetables commerce, at the base of this situation.
Naturally, it is therefore necessary to overcome the phytosanitary barriers, also by stipulating bilateral protocols with the interested countries, particularly China, Mexico and the Far East.
Source: Fresh Plaza