Germany: Italy’s main market for high quality cheeses

The export of Italian cheese to Germany in 2016 reached 57.763 tons.  In particular: Gran Padano and Parmiggiano amounted to 18.392 tons, making Germany Italy’s main market for said product.
Next into Germany came grated cheeses (9.837 tons), ricotta and other fresh cheeses (8.023 tons), gorgonzola and mozzarella (both with 6.034 tons) and other harder seasoned cheeses (2.918 tons) and semi-hard (2.199 tons).
Italian exports of Pecorino to Germany in 2016 reached 1.403 tins.  Germany is also the main market for this category of product.
Following Germany, in second and third places, come France (1.011 tons) and the United Kingdom (649 tons).
Source ICE Agency