Germany: Large-scale food distributors test edible plastic wrap for fruit and vegetables

The distributors of food products find themselves in a difficult position. Plastic wrappings used to cover cucumbers, avocados, etc., have become unacceptable for an ever-growing number of consumers. On the other hand, some fruit and vegetable products not wrapped in a protective film of plastic deteriorate quicker and cannot be sold.
Edeka and Rewe are testing new techniques for longer preservation of these delicate fruit and vegetable products, avoiding using plastic packaging. In particular, tests are being carried out on an edible film that can be applied directly on the skin of the product.
The new protective covering keeps the most sensitive products in good condition for double or triple the time of those without protection. The first supermarkets also now have oranges and mandarins made longer lasting thanks to this new technology.
The protective film developed by the USA company Apeel Sciences is made of vegetable extracts found in the skin, seeds and pulp of various types of fruit and vegetables. It is tasteless, odourless and very edible.
Source: Der Spiegel through Agra Press