Germany: production and commerce of apples

The German Federal Office of Statistics (Destatis) shows that the domestic growers of apples harvested roughly 1.2 million tons of product in the record year 2018 (average annual harvest from 2009 to 2018 has been 950.000 tins).
In the same year, roughly 67.000 tons of fresh apples were exported abroad and roughly 658.000 tons were imported into Germany.
Roughly two thirds of the apples for domestic consumption come from domestic cultivation.  Italy holds thirteenth place in the list of countries to which Germany has exported its apples.  Top places are held by Denmark, Austria and Finland, taking 17.5%, 17% and 10.7% of German apple exports respectively.
Considering, instead, German imports, we find Italy in first place with a quota of 38% in 2018, followed by the Low Countries and Chile with 12.7% and 1.11% respectively.
Source: ICE Agency