Institutes and businesses united for an information campaign on Italian food

Yesterday, Confagricoltura took part - via Skype in correct accordance to the law – in a meeting promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs meant to agree the dates of an information and communications campaign aimed at foreign countries on the value of Italian agricultural and agri-food products to carry out in this period critical for our businesses.
During the meeting, Confagricoltura remembered having been subjected to a fact-finding investigation relative to the difficulties met by associated businesses and expressed appreciation of the similar initiative from MAECI.
It then focused on the basic terms from which to start fine tuning actions in support of agricultural businesses, underlining that the actual limitations condition the following negatively:
·       exports;
·       agri-tourism;
·       with the closure of fairs and the interruption of relations with the decision-makers of foreign sales, not only the channels of consolidated exports, but also the possibility of opening it again.
But one must not in any way forget all the other telematics and informatics that existed before the discovery in Italy of Covid-19, and not resolved, such as:
·       added tariffs by the USA on imports of cheese, salamis and Italian liqueurs;
·       the reopening of negotiations between EU and UK held last week, seeing as how the United Kingdom will become a third country in every way;
·       negotiations between the EU and third countries, like Australia and New Zealand for example, during which the same mistakes made during negotiations with Mercosur must not be repeated, mistakes such as the lack of transparency;
·       the agreement between EU and Mercosur, closed but as yet not initiated, that presents different problems for agricultural businesses.
In conclusion, the Confederation has insisted on the application of the accord taken by the Ministries of Agricultural Politics and Foreign Affairs with regard to the resumption of an Agri-food round table. Asking them to meet as soon as possible – as instrument of two-way dialogue between institutions and businesses, as well as an exchange between businesses of the agri-food industry – also through computer link-up.