International phytosanitary barriers

Confagricoltura represented the associated businesses at yesterday’s meeting of the Section relative to the constituted phytosanitary barriers at the Ministry of Agricultural Politics as part of the Group of permanent work for the protection of plants.
The Group is made up of an organ of comparison between the Ministry and diverse subjects involved (business, companies, world of research and other organizations and associations) with technical-advisory and proactive tasks on questions of domestic and international relevance pertinent to phytosanitary matters and is structured in six distinct thematic sections.
The objective of phytosanitary barriers, in particular, is to contribute, on one hand, to the elimination of such barriers set up by numerous countries to the entry of agricultural agribusiness products in their territory and, on the other hand, to the rationalization of work by public institutions to get over the same phytosanitary barriers, the aim being to amplify the possibilities of exporting products of Italian companies and to shorten time needed for the elaboration and the approval of specific dossiers requested by foreign countries for the entry of plant products .