Italian exports of kiwi: increased value, decreased volume

The Italian exports of kiwi in the last commercial campaign came to almost 271.000 tons, the most contained quantity of the last years, due to a production deficit the previous year.
The decreased quantities that, with respect to 2016/17, register a reduction of 16% corresponds, however, to a value that reaches the maximum level of 444 million euros (+6% on 2016/17), thanks to a good position of the average price.
The reduction in exports regards all areas, with a more evident decrease towards more distant markets in favour of European destinations.
Compared to the last campaign, there has been a decrease of 11% in the EU and 12% towards the Europe outside the EU, whereas the decrease has been more evident to North America (-24%) and the Far East (about -50%), as is usual in the face of a drop in availability.
The German market is confirmed as the main destination with a share of 16%; in the last two commercial campaigns there has been a positive increase in the French market with quotas that have risen from 8% to 10% of the total; renewed interest in Belgium with 6%, followed by Poland and the United Kingdom.
Following the Russian embargo, the share sent to East European countries outside the EU has been reduced, absorbing barely 2% of our exports, now destined mainly for Switzerland and Norway.
Source: Fresh Plaza