Kenya: increase in the exportation of avocados

Kenya is now one of the world’s fastest growing exporters of avocados.  Colombia holds the number one spot in the list of the world’s fastest growing exporters, followed by Mexico.  Kenya is in third place, the only Eastern and Central African country to produce avocados.  A six-month research carried out in 2019 and presented at the world Congress on avocados in Colombia indicates that Kenya has overtaken South Africa in the production.  The demand in both China and Europe is on the rise.  At the start of this year, Kenya and China signed a trade agreement that allows the exportation of avocados in the Asian country.  In 2018, the leading exporters were: Mexico with 2.4 billion dollars, the Low Countries with 733.8 billion, Peru with 722.8 billion, Spain with 346 billion, Chile with 323.2 billion, the USA with 179 billion, and Kenya with 118 billion (11.8 billion Somali shillings).