National General Assembly of Confagricoltura in Brussels - Interventions of Giansanti, Tajani, Centinaio, and Hogan

“We decided to hold our General Assembly in Brussels to express our deep attachment to the European Union, its values, its principles, its long history of peace and wealth. This does not prevent us from being critical, always constructively, towards some recent legislative proposals. In this regard, we recall the proposals on the EU multi-annual budget and the CAP, as well as other pending issues: subsidized rice imports, uncertain outlook for the sugar sector, the difficulties of the livestock sector in the context of the ongoing negotiations with Mercosur, and the issue of simplification, which now influences the implementation of policies - sometimes making it impossible - , and increases the disaffection of businesses”, President of Confagricoltura, Massimiliano Giansanti, underlined in his speech to the Assembly that took place in Brussels.   The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, focused his speech on the EU multi-annual budget and the reform of the CAP. He underlined that “The Commission’s proposals on the EU budget have to be revised upwards, including funds for the agricultural sector. The spending capacity of the EU budget should be at least 1.3% of Member States’ GDP. The support expressed today by Confagricoltura to the position of the European Parliament is important. The financial resources for agriculture should be appropriate, since the sector has to deal directly with challenges like food security and protection of environment and natural resources”. “There are two objectives that have to be accomplished: a simplified CAP and a more competitive and innovative agricultural system”.   “The event of today - Minister of Agriculture and Tourism, Gian Marco Centinaio, declared - is one of the first steps of a path that I intend to pursue on the territories along with trade associations and Regions, in order to listen and to be able to give concrete answers to the operators of the sector, dealing with the challenges we have to face, in a national and European way. Starting from CAP reform. Indeed, on Monday, July 16th I will be back in Brussels to take part to the Council meeting to discuss about the simplification and the subsidiarity that characterized the reform. We need a Europe that is on our side”. “We have to demonstrate, even abroad, what the Italian system really is: we protect our excellence, we invest in innovation and research, we strengthen exports. This is a model that from our territory and our local tradition should be exported all over the world”.   “I am very happy that Confagricoltura has decided to organize its General Assembly in Brussels. This shows the European dimension of agricultural policy and the great importance of Italian agriculture for the EU”, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Phil Hogan, stated. Recently there have been many occasions to meet the Commissioner, both in Brussels and in Italy, during which the positions of Confagricoltura have been reiterated. The reform of the CAP 2021-2027 has just started. “I am looking forward to working with you - Hogan concluded - to define a more modern and simplified common agricultural policy for our farmers”.