New platform for e-commerce

ICE Agenzia, Poste Italiane, Postecom (the technological innovation company belonging to the Italian General Post Office) and the Micro-Small to Medium Enterprise work Group (comprising ABI,  Alleanza delle Cooperative, CNA, Confagricoltura, Confindustria and Rete Imprese Italia) have signed an agreement offering Italian operators an integrated e-commerce service towards foreign countries with relative assistance.

This is the marketplace platform developed by Postcom that will go to integrate with the domestic and International mailing and payment services and will put catalogues with products of member companies in the web shop window exactly like true and proper on-line shops, reaching customers in various foreign countries and assuring the traceability of the mail service, simplified customs procedures and a choice of systems for payment.
The platform will be exclusively for Italian products and companies having registered with ICE Agenzia or else members of the organizations and associations working in the aforementioned Group; therefore also Confagricoltura.
Attached is a presentation of the project and a form for those interested to know more. The latter form is not binding but affords the chance to know more about the opportunities offered by this new service.