Romania: the EU’s leading exporter of cereals

Romania consolidates its position as important producer and exporter of cereals in the EU, leading the economic block in terms of wheat and corn.  During the actual 2019/2020-business season, Romania has exported 1.72 million tons of wheat; or rather 33.6% of the EU’s total exports, followed by France.  Romania is also the leading exporter of corn with 114.737 tons from the beginning of this season, or rather 48.6% of the EU’s total wheat exports.  The country is the second leading exporter of barley amongst the member states of the EU with 449.170 tons, and is now the biggest producer of corn and sunflower seeds within the EU, with a total production of 19 million tons of corn and 3.35 million tons of sunflower seeds.  Last year, Romania was the third leading producer of cereals in the EU, after France and Germany, with 32.2. million tons.