Rumania: European funds for fruit growing

Rumania’s Agency for Financing of Rural Investments (AFIR), subordinate to the Ministry of Agriculture, is launching a new session of the National Programme of Rural Development (PNRO) - Investments in fruit growing farms, starting from the beginning of 2019, with a budget of more than 51 million euros.
This measure will sustain investments within Rumania for nurseries and crops in the protected areas and in respect of the zoning of the fruit growing for the other types of investments.
The admissible expenses include:

  • conversion of existing orchards;
  • the creation of fruit-bearing orchards;
  • the creation and strengthening of nurseries for the production of multiplication materials and material for fruit plants;
  • the foundation, expansion and/or modernization of deposit systems, conditioning and packaging;
  • audio/video systems of surveillance, monitoring and control of the orchard;
  • the acquisition of machines and equipment;
  • the creation of a web site for the promotion and commercialization of the products.
Source: ICE Agenzia