Rumania: the wine sector

APEV, Rumania’s Association of Wine Producers and Exporters, announced that the country occupies fifth place at the European level with regards to land given over to wine production, after Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.
Two regions, the hills of Moldova and those of Muntenia and Oltenia, occupy two thirds of the total lands given over to the cultivation of grapes.
Last year, the total area dedicated to the growth of grapes came to 182,500 hectares.  Local vineyards continue to undergo an important process of restructuring and conversion, thanks to EU funding.  Every year, between 2014- 2020, Rumania receives 47.5 million euros.
Previously, in the period 2007-2013, Rumania benefitted from non-refundable funds for this aim.  For every hectare, businessmen received roughly14.000 euros.
Source: ICE Agenzia