Russia: increase in cereal exports

In August, Russian cereal exports could reach 4.3 million tons, of which 3-3.5 million tons are wheat, touching e record peak for this time of the commercial year.
This info came from SovEcon, the society of farm consultancy, indicating that the trend of cereal exports, especially of wheat, will register a hike starting in the second half of the month due to the arrival of the latest harvest and of supply contracts signed earlier with Egypt, the world's largest wheat importer, and the largest buyer of Russian wheat.
The export of Russian cereals was relatively slow at the start of the season due to the harvest being delayed by the rain and cold.
By July 19th of this year, Russia had exported 1.1 million tons of cereals, registering a reduction of 6.2% compared to the previous year.
Wheat exports, equal to 520 tons, decreased by 37.8%.
In July, according to calculations by SovEcon, July exports reached a quota of 2.1-2,3 million tons, including 1.1-1.3 million tons of wheat, from 4000.000 to 450.000 tons of barley and roughly 400,000 tons of corn.
Source: brecorder.com through Agra Press