Serbia: Italy, partner in the international fair “Novi Sad”

The Novi Sad agriculture fair in Serbia is a major promotional event for the entire Balkans area that covers the entire farming industry: machines and equipment for farming, cultivating plants and relative machinery for the transformation and storage, food and drink products, machines and installations for the agribusiness industry, livestock, machines and materials for packaging, farming industry innovations, energetic efficiency in farming, and irrigation.
At the 86th edition, to be held from May 11th to 17th, 2019, Italy has been nominated the event’s partner country.
The ICE Agenzia, that will organize a collective space for the Italian companies, will realize a technical seminar on the innovations in agriculture along with references to investment possibilities through European funds of IPARD pre-adhesion, operative in Serbia since December 25th, 2017.
On top of that, a networking event will be organized, alongside fair participation that will include the tasting of typical Italian products, for exhibitors of our country, foreign operators chosen by the offices involved, and local representatives chosen from importers/distributors of machines and farming equipment, and local companies and institutions.
The Belgrade ICE office is prepared to offer personalized pre- and post-fair services and may be contacted at the following email address Belgrade@ice.it and visited on the site www.ice.it/it/mercati/serbia/belgrado
Source: ICE Agenzia