Turkey: increase in exports of fruit and vegetables

According to data from the Uludag association of exporters, in 2018 Turkey exported an exceptional volume of quinces pears and apples to 53 countries.
The export of pears increased 33.7% in 2018 with respect to 2017 in volume and 10% in value, with 60% destined for Rumania and Iraq, the latter being the principal importer of Turkish pears.
The increase in Turkish pear exports registered a notable increase to Russia, Rumania (+138%) and Germany (+79%).
Regarding Turkish quinces pears, exports increased 5%, reaching 19,000 tons to 46 countries.
The leading importers of quinces apples were Russian, Germany, Rumania, Netherlands and France.
Furthermore, the volume of Turkish orange exports increased by 12.5% in 2018 compared to the previous year with an increase to Iraq of 44%.
Source: Fresh Plaza through ICE Agency