Reasons to join Confagricoltura

Confagricoltura actively protects agricultural entrepreneurs’ rights and promotes their interests, through constant lobbying, regardless of the size of their company and the specific area of ​​business.

Its organization gives an appropriate representation and visibility to agricultural member companies. It collects their instances in order to sponsor their activities with national and international institutions.

It pursues the economic, technological and social development of the agricultural sector and its business, by offering a wide range of innovative services.

Confagricoltura values the activities of its companies, protects and promotes the “made in Italy” excellence, by organizing several initiatives and projects from which its members surely benefit.

Joining Confagricoltura means to be a part of an organization which is rooted throughout the national territory, through regional federations, local offices and town representatives, sectorial federation and product federations. It’s also active in Brussels and in other countries of the European Community.

Through its highly specialized staff, Confagricoltura provides all-rounded consulting services on any matter (trade union, fiscal and legal) related to entrepreneurship.

Joining Confagricoltura means to have rapid and accurate responses and receive updated information, also through the new web platform, on which activities and opportunities developed by the Confederation can be found.

Joining Confagricoltura allows you to be part of a large network within which share expertise, information and best practices with other companies.

Confagricoltura also supports and promotes entrepreneurial initiatives of young farmers and every company during start-up phase.

Member companies may benefit from the advantages offered by agreements and memoranda of understanding, that the organization periodically signs with the most important subjects of different sectors (energy, credit, technology, etc.).

In short, our strengths are:
- Innovation
- Widespread presence throughout the national territory
- Protection of enterprises that employ paid workers
- Protection of the Environment and Food Security

For registration or more details about the services offered by Confagricoltura, please contact Confagricoltura here.