General Assembly

The General Assembly of Confagricoltura is the collegial body made up of: the Confederation President; the members of the Executive Boards, the Presidents of the National  Category Federations,  the President of the Confagricoltura youth - ANGA and the President of the National Pensioner Farmer’s Association A- ANPA; the Presidents of the National Product Federations; by the past President of Confagricoltura, provided that they are members of the Provincial /Interprovincial Farmers Union; the Presidents of the Provincial /Interprovincial Farmers Union; the Presidents of the Regional Farmers Federations,, the President of Agriturist, the President of  Women’s Confagricoltura, and by the Presidents of the affiliated institutions.

The Assembly determines the general directives of Confagricoltura activities. Amongst its duties, there is also the election of the President and the nine members of the Executive Board. It is also in charge of the approval of the Organization’s budget as well as its final balance.  

The members of the Assembly cannot hold any political position, be it national, regional, or local, and cannot be part of the European, National Parliament or hold any regional post.