Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is made up of: the confederation President; the members of the Executive Board; the President of each National Category Federation; the Presidents of the Regional Federations/Unions and by the Presidents of the Provincial Unions of Trento and Bolzano; by the Presidents of the Confagricoltura youth - ANGA; by the President of the National Pensioner Farmer’s Association- ANPA; the President of Agriturist; the President of Women’s Confagricoltura. In the event of resolutions regarding financial matters, the President of the National Product Federation also participates, with a right to vote, representing the relevant financial sector.

The Steering Committee deliberates on all issues regarding national agriculture, in compliance with the directives and guidelines approved by the Assembly. It studies and coordinates all problems and proposals concerning agriculture, the confederate Categories and Organizations, ensuring the necessary link between the Board and the Agricultural Unions, for a better organization and efficiency of the Union activities. It takes care of the completion of all other attributions or assignments requested of it by the Assembly.

Its tasks also include the appointment of the three confederation Vice presidents, and the eventual integration of the Executive Board with two other components to whom, due to previous experience gained through past organizational positions or specific capacities and obvious fame, it would be suitable to assign particularly important tasks in a confederation context.