Emphasis - Management of pests and Integrated Solutions

EMPHASIS's overall goal is to provide integrated response measures (practical solutions) to Predict, Prevent and Protect European agricultural and forestry sectors and natural ecosystems from native and alien pest threats.

The effectiveness of these solutions will be assessed, validated and Promoted through co-innovative research and demonstration (large-scale field trials, workshops for inspection services for the uptake of diagnostic tools etc.) in line with end users' needs and capacities. 

EMPHASIS will fight native and alien pest threats (insect pests, pathogens, weeds) that damage natural ecosystems services and farming systems. This will ensure a European food security system that protects biodiversity and ecosystems services, while developing integrated mechanisms of response measures to predict, prevent and protect agriculture and forestry systems.



Action: RIA, alien pests  Topic: SFS 3a  References: Sustainable Crop Production

Months: 48  Coordinator: Uni Torino  Total Budget: 6.526.000

Confagri. Budget: 120.000   (Man Months: 17)  Starting Date: 1/3/2015

Grant Agreement n: 634179