Noaw Abstract

Innovative approches to agriwaste

The project is dealing with innovative approaches to turn agricultural waste into ecological and economic assets. Driven by a «zero-waste» society requirement, NoAW aims to apply a circular economy approach to agricultural wastes on a territorial and seasonal scale. The NoAW project considers that mostly unavoidable and continuously generated agro-wastes are a true resource for valorisation.  NoAW aims to pave the way for a sustainable agro-waste bio-refinery concept by shifting from a conventional environmental assessment to a nearly eco-design approach where special consideration is given for the environmental impacts of the product and process even in design phase.

NoAW intends to explore the potential of agro-waste to be converted into a portfolio of eco-efficient products which are produced using fewer resources and creating less pollution such as bio-energy, bio-fertilizers, bio-packaging and bio- molecules, in symbiosis with urban waste conversion.


Action: RIA, No waste  Topic: Waste 7  References: Sustainable Use Of Agri Wastes

Months: 48  Coordinator: Inra Paris  Total Budget: 7.816.232

Confagri. Budget: 187.000   (Man Months: 24)  Starting Date: 1/10/2016

Grant Agreement n: 688338.