ReManufacture Food Supply Chain by Testing Inno Solutions for 0 Inorganic Waste


Prevent waste disposal is more sustainable and less expensive. In MED regions, innovation support services to agro-food chain is inadequate in the scope (confined to territorial domain) and transnational cooperation is poor. This traditional “local-based” approach to tech-transfer is currently a limit. REINWASTE works for waste prevention field in agro-food, to enhance transnational network of competence, X and test best available solutions and quickly transfer this knowledge. REINWASTE aims to bring a concrete contribution to the reduction of inorganic waste, favouring the adoption of greener innovative concepts by agriculture and food industry. Protocols of waste minimisation in entire food chains. Transferability plans to other agro-food chains and other relevant sectors. A tailored mix of knowledge transfer services, based on a common open innovation approach, allow the mutual contamination and use of innovation.


Action: Interreg  Topic: Mediterranean  References: Zero Inorganic Waste  Months: 30

Coordinator:  Agencia de Desarr. Agricolo y Pescado (Andalusia)

Total Budget: 2.500.000 €

Confagricoltura Budget: 279.000 € (Man Month: 35) Start: 2/272018 Grant Agreement: 3300

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