Smart Chain

Innovation driven smart food chain

SMARTCHAIN is an ambitious, 3 year project. The central objective is to foster and accelerate the shift towards collaborative short food supply chains and, through concrete actions and recommendations, to introduce new robust business models and innovative practical solutions that enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of the European agri-food system.

The SMARTCHAIN consortium will perform a multi-perspective analysis of 18 case studies of short food supply chains in terms of technological, regulatory, social, economic and environmental factors, will assess the linkages and interactions among all stakeholders involved in short food supply chains and will identify the key parameters that influence sustainable food production and rural development among different regions in Europe.

The project aims to establish 9 national communities of short food supply chains in different partner countries (France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, Spain and Switzerland) and a virtual innovation hub in order to facilitate stakeholder engagement, bringing farmers and consumers together in a trust-enhancing environment enabling them to generate demand driven-innovations.

SMARTCHAIN will generate concrete actions for knowledge transfer, through the organisation of multi-stakeholder workshops and training activities for farmers and short food supply chain entrepreneurs.


Action: RIA Short Chains  Topic: SFS 7  References: Innovation on Short Food Chains 

Months: 36  Coordinator: University of Stuttgart Total Budget: 6.000.000 €  Confag. Budget: 77.500 €  (Man Month: 11)  Start: 1/9/2018  Grant Agreement:  773785-2