Sistema Confagricoltura


Agricheck arose in 2014 as a Company within which the Italian Farmers’ Confederation and 13 regional federations  were involved. Its objective is that to offer assistance to businesses related to their requests for financial support also through the use of a specific software relative to the analysis of Company accounts in order to facilitate access related to their credit funding, assistance in credit limits and other financial mediators, to then proceed towards a second phase when a factual operation of credit mediation begins with the participation of all local, provincial, regional, and national confederal structures.

Agricheck operates through highly qualified representatives, experienced in regards to evaluating the requirements of a shareholder, in addition to organizing optimal solutions relative to credit access.

For said reason is has activated formative courses focusing on one side on the Union’s employees connected to the establishment of ‘Company Assistants’ and on the other side  in regards to specialists who will then expressly be singled out as ‘credit mediators’.


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