About Us

General Confederation of Italian Agriculture

Confagricoltura is the first organisation for the protection and representation of agricultural businesses. It works for the development of farming businesses, as well as the primary sector in general, for the good of the community, the economy, the environment and the territory. It favours access to business innovation, to the sustainability of agricultural practices, as well as to company competition on domestic and international markets.

With this goal in mind, it is committed to safeguarding farmers’ income; to the evolution and simplification of field regulations, to the overcoming of structural gaps as well as competitive limitations; to free access to the marketplace; for the reorganization of the productive system in view of aggregation and networking, for the growth of inter-sector supply chains, for the protection of “made in Italy” products.

At the base of this union action there is a system of values - defined by Confagricoltura’s Ethical Code – which must be adopted and respected by the partnering businesses, as they represent the Confederation’s identity.

The added value of Confagricoltura is its vast professional network, with its shared strategy that provides the businesses with protection, field information, as well as innovative and quality services.

Confagricoltura is present throughout the country, through Regional Federations (in every region), provincial Unions (in all provinces), Area offices and Municipal Delegations (over 2.200 offices), as well as through Trade Federations (at the head of regional and provincial trade unions) and Product Federations (which frame the corresponding regional and provincial product sectors).  

Confagricoltura also has an office in Brussels. National headquarters are in Rome, in the historical Palazzo della Valle.


Confederation figures

24 product sectors, which make up the corresponding regional and provincial sectors.
165.300 farming businesses with hired labour.
242.610 farming businesses with direct farming – self-employed workers.
300.000 contractors, land maintenance, sharecroppers, owners, granters.
2/3 of the overall sector companies.
41 million work days (over 24 million of which via Union proxy)
520.000 hired workers.
Over 45% of gross sellable production.
47 billion euro of plv agroforestry
27 billion euro of added value
1/3 of the UAA (SAU) (Usable Agricultural Area)

Confagricoltura operates in all main institutional offices, both national and international, directly connected to agriculture or pertinent to the field, such as CNEL, COPA – The Committee of European Farming Organizations, GEOPA – European Coordination of employer organizations, and CES – European Social and Economic Committee.

It is an active participant in consultations between social partners and the Government. 

National and regional collective contracts for workers, employees, agricultural managers, as well as the national collective work contracts for employees of agricultural companies, have always been stipulated respectively in Confagricoltura’s national and provincial offices.