Our History

1861 - 1910

Following the Unification of Italy, there was no national association representing farmers. During the Giolitti era the Association was created with the Italian Farmers Society (SAI) (Rome, 1895), which carried out financial organization tasks, and functioned as a political pressure group, and the National Agricultural Confederation – CNA (Bologna, 1910), with Union bargaining functions.

1910 - 1920

After the end of the First World War, the General Confederation of Agriculture, Confagricoltura, was founded - (Rome, 1920), the first Italian agricultural association equipped with unitary functions of financial, political and trade union representation, in which both SAI and CAN converged. 

1920 - 1944

During the third era, which includes the end of the liberal state, the twenty years of fascism, and most of the Second World War, there was the Italian Federation of Agricultural Unions - FISA (Rome, 1922), followed by the National Fascist Agricultural Federation - CNFA (Rome, 1926) which absorbed Confagricoltura and FISA, and the Fascist Confederation of farmers - CFA (Rome, 1934). These Associations were part of the corporate apparatus of the time.

1944 - 2020

In the mid Forties, there was the National Association of Farmers – ANA (Taranto, 1944), the National Federation of Farmers - FIDA (Rome, 1944), the National Confederation of Farmers - CONFIDA (Rome, 1945) and lastly, the General Confederation of Italian Agriculture Confagricoltura (Rome, 1948).

Confagricoltura, today, as well as carrying out the “traditional” financial, political, and Union functions, also offers farmers a vast range of business services.