Tomatoes and Yield Canalization in Crop Plants

The European project TOMRES studies a novel and integrated approach to increase multiple and combined stress tolerance in plants, using tomato as a model. Researchers, technical experts and farmers will work together to develop environmentally friendly tomato cropping systems with less impact on natural resources.

The three-year iniziative study the physiological and molecular processes of resilience, and perfect agronomic and precision techniques in open-field and greenhouse cultivation of tomato.

The results of TOMRES, which will subsequently be transferred to other crops, will be collected in applications available to farmers and citizens to guide and inform them on the possibility of choosing tomatoes from sustainable agriculture for consumer awareness.


Action: RIA,Breeding and Genetics  Topic: SFS 5 References: Crop Productivity

Months: 42  Coordinator: Uni Torino  Total Budget: 4.979.000

Confagri. Budget: 129.000   (Man Months: 18)  Starting Date: 1/6/2017

Grant Agreement n:  727929